Monday, September 26, 2011


In need of a warm embrace.......

*all these images from this beautifully explicit (there's your warning) pinboard.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Flowers For Friday

Just thought I would share a few pics with you. Some pretty pink, indoor blooms. And the hub and myself before going out for a friends birthday. FYI: It's hard to give a guy with thick, curly hair a fauxhawk. But I still like it.

Hope you have good things planned for this weekend.
Hugs and Sunshine to all of you. XOXO

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Almost......

October, people! It's right around the corner.
And I'm feeling very much like this pooch. I want nothing more than to curl up on my couch and take a nice, cozy nap.

Autumn always brings about a major push/pull in my emotions and energy level. I find myself wanting to sit and relax and enjoy every little thing. But, at the same time, I can't seem to calm myself long enough to do so. I laid out of work this past Friday, hoping to have some alone time at home. Instead, I worked ten times harder than I normally do at "work". I dug up what seemed like a ton of hosta and daylilies and cut a huge section of forsythia down to the nub. It was a hell of a job. Those forsythia were as big as ornamental trees! It took a set of hedge clippers and a hacksaw. ..... Then, on Sunday, I did a major overhaul of my living room. Rearranged furniture. Cleaned. Weeded out the unwanted items. I've been going non-stop. And it all caught up with me this morning, when I couldn't hardly give myself a good enough reason for getting out of the bed.

This is a problem, folks. And, apparently, I am not the only one who noticed. My Yoga Journal magazine came in the mail the other day and there is an article inside about the benefits of doing a fall detox. It's the perfect time to slow yourself down from the fast pace of summer and get yourself in order mentally. Not only that, but it's also the perfect time to reinforce your immune system and be prepared to fight off the inevitable viruses of winter. I'm seriously thinking about dedicating a week and following their sage advice. You can check it out for yourself right here. { I should also add that this is not the kind of detox that normally pops into peoples heads at the mention of the word. }

September is usually one of my very favorite months of the year. I can't believe that it's almost over already. This has not been a normal September for me. Maybe taking some time to slow down and take care of myself will help me enjoy the remainder of my favorite season. ~

On a completely unrelated note: I piled all of the plants that I dug up beside the road and put up a sign that declared them "FREE" to whomever wanted to pick them up. A friend of mine told me that this method would not work because people have some sort of thing about freebies. And, to be honest with you, I agreed. But I tried it anyway. And guess what! It worked. Within a few days, every single one of those plants (and trust me, there was a massive pile) were taken. my friend of little faith. You were wrong. ;)

*pic from here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fly By

Just dropping in to say hello.
I know I've been M.I.A. for quite some time now.
Got a lot on my mind, but don't want to talk about any of it at the moment.
Hugs and sunshine to all of you.
You know I love you, right?

*pic found on Pinterest.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Perfect

I have never wanted to be a celebrity. Never craved fame and fortune.
But you have to admit that there are certain privileges that would be quite nice. Like the ability to buy the best designer clothes and accessories. Or the best of the best of vacations.

But there is one thing in particular that the rich and famous have that makes me a jealous. And that is....... great photographs of themselves. Is that a vain thing to want? I mean, honestly, haven't you ever wished that you had someone photographing you that would make you look your best? And a crew following you around to make sure your hair/makeup/clothing was perfect? Wouldn't it be awesome to have beautiful, artistic pictures of you and yours?

I know there are plenty of amazing photographers out there who are ready and willing to take gorgeous shots of regular people. But every time I come across a stunning photo shoot in a magazine, I can't help but get a little bit green with envy. I can't help it. I want to put on Alexander McQueen and have my picture made.

*photo from here. Thanks, Sarah!