Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling Different.

Have you guys seen these new Michael Kors ads in your magazines? I have been a big fan of his ads for the last few years. They look so fresh and clean and wonderful. I just want to "be" the girl in those photos. They look so perfect. Plus, she always has this adorable, adoring, well dressed guy following her around. And he always looks happy to be there! Holy shit. A guy that's happy to be there! What world is this, people? I want to go there.

Anyway. That is not exactly my point. Although, it is a good one. What I am actually getting at here is that these new ads make me miss snow. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just said that. All my life I have hated snow. Hated it! But this year I feel different. Something inside of me seems to be changing. It's a little bit unsettling, just to be honest with you. Last night, when I could not go to sleep even though it was 2:00 am, I stared out the window and imagined the landscape covered with a thick, peaceful snow. What is wrong with me?!? This is not normal.

I'm not sure what the heck is going on. Truly I feel all out of whack. But I'm going to blame it on the new Michael Kors ads. Yep. It's all his fault.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things You Never Knew You Needed

It's Thursday, dolls. And a rainy one where I am. Perfect time to do a little shopping to brighten this dreary autumn day. May I suggest Elizabelle jewelry? There could be no better way to make yourself feel like a goddess of summer or a mermaid princess than Elizabeth Cosby's handmade rings. Check em' out!

Elizabeth hand carves these beauties herself from natural sea shells. Genius!

This Green Turbo is my favorite. Aren't the colors amazing?

I think these rings make an incredible statement piece. And her packaging is so adorable. Do you need to buy a gift for someone special? You would be the coolest friend ever to give one of these rings! Plus, Elizabeth will include a note in the box if you ask nicely. Of course, I could totally understand if you decided to buy yourself one instead and make everyone else green with envy. The note I would leave in the box? "Ariel's got nothing on you, girl!"

Go add Elizabelle to your Etsy favorites.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

~A Story~

Hello friends! Aren't you glad we all made it through last week alive? From what I keep hearing, it was a rough one for just about all of us.
I've been a bit nerved myself and haven't posted much lately. So today I thought I would share with you a little story about what I did last Saturday. With pictures and everything! Woo hoo. I can hear your excitement! Here goes.

I started the day off by finally clear coating these two signs that I painted for my little cousins. They raise chickens and are totally obsessed with the whole process of it. These are to hang on their chicken coops. {and, yes. I thought up those little slogans all by myself.}

My mom came down and took some photos for me so I could list some new items in my Etsy store. Whew! That's a lot of work. Making, photographing, listing. It takes forever. But the results are usually worth it.

Then, while rushing around to get ready, I ran slap into this big ol' chest that sits at the foot of my bed. My husband's grandpa made it for us as a wedding gift. After hitting one of those sharp corners, though, I cussed it for a good ten minutes and even kicked it a few times for good measure.

This is what came of it. A nice knot and bruise that is still sore and blue and swollen over a week later.

I did all this while getting ready to go to this wedding. Which, by the way, was the best wedding I have ever been to. I am not a wedding person {gasp!}, but this one was awesome. Those are two of our close friends. Everyone in the wedding party wore their cowboy boots and the bride's three year old daughter walked her down the aisle and gave her away. Oh my Lord, it was the sweetest thing in the world. ~The End~

So, my dears, that is what went down last Saturday in the world of Miz November. As for the week in between then and now, I don't want to talk about it.

Much love and hugs and stuff. I'll be seeing you later this week. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010


My new sewing machine arrived last Tuesday and I haven't even had time to read through the manual yet. It is proudly perched on my kitchen table, looking pretty bad ass. I'm only half way through the handbook at the moment, but I'm trying. I promise.