Monday, August 9, 2010

Empty Thoughts

Hello friends.

It's Monday yet again. And all too soon. All I learned from being off work a week is that I don't like going to work. Of course, I guess that's why they call it work.

Thankfully, I did accomplish a few things besides housework on my week off. Unfortunately, it took me until the end of the week before I started being creatively productive. I guess my mind had to take a real vacation for the first part of the week and not be bothered with my lofty ideas. I'll share some more on my creative endeavors later.

I wish I had an outpouring of inspiration and fantastical writing to grace you with this Monday. But work has left my brain weak. And I really have to go muster up enough energy to workout right now. I just didn't want to go too long in between posts. I love hearing from you and even when I am quiet and cease to comment on all your blogs, just know that I am still there. Reading. Smiling. Gleaning strength and beauty from your words and photos. Here's to a new week.

xoxo ~Jo~ xoxo


Elise said...

I always think you need a good three weeks off work - first week to unwind, second week to enjoy relaxing and third week so really, really relax. It's not always possible though, so some time off is better than nothing.

I'm looking forward to seeing/hearing your creativity.


shari @ little blue deer said...

Hope your week has improved! Can't wait to see what pretty stuff you come up with! XX!

mimilove forever said...

ooo I know the brain sapping work feeling so well...been a it lacking in the inspirationals this end too!
Hope your break re-charges your batteries (I'm astay at home bod too!)

Michelle said...

Yup, your brain needed a break. I remember we had two weeks between quarters at school, and I was a zombie for the first week, every time. I hope you have a better week!