Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of Love and Chocolate.

I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions. I just try to do my best and don't hold myself to too high a standard. But this year, it seems as though my Resolutions have been made for me, per doctor's orders.

I paid a little visit to my doc the other day to have some "questionable knots" examined. Needless to say, I was very scared. I have held hands with the cancer monster before, creeping right up to the edge. Pre-cancerous cells are something that I have grown accustomed to in certain areas. But this was different. So close to my heart and lungs and hundreds of networking lymph nodes. I was very worried.

Thankfully, my doc says that it is not cancer. Not even close. (Whew!) But it is an annoying little problem. One that could make it difficult to recognize something alarming if it were to show up. So....... I have been ordered to cut my caffeine intake (not that it was very high to begin with) and keep up with a few important supplements. One being evening primrose oil, which makes me burp up the taste of a shrimp dinner.

Which brings me to chocolate. Yes, I know. How? Well, it all started on the trip to the Earth Fair market on the way home to pick up said supplements. The hubby and I mused at all the beautiful, organic (sometimes odd) products. Natural body care. Endless herbal remedies, supplements and aromatherapy oils. And an entire wall of fair trade chocolate.

It took me all of about five seconds to pick out which bar of chocolate I wanted to buy. (Please refrain from informing me that chocolate contains caffeine. I am indeed aware.) But how on earth could I pass up such a pretty package as the one above? A deep brown background with red and gold designs. It is sooooo much prettier in person!

Look at that! Whoever designed this wrapper deserves a reward.
And the chocolate inside? Well, the name says it all. It is, indeed, quite Divine.

*I realize this is a random post. And I do have lots of other stuff to share with you. Like the fact that I got a new laptop for Christmas!! So, I do not have it all figured out quite yet. And I need to transfer my pictures over so I can share some of those with you, too.
AND... if you haven't claimed some loot for yourself, please scroll down and do so now. I'm not gonna wait forever. Go, go, go.


Dawn said...

You COULD NOT pass it up...especially the Strawberry one!!!! Woot! Pass it on:))

Dawn said...

And yay for the new laptop. What a gift;)

Best wishes for the new year ahead...(And super glad you're ok and doctor's visit went well!!!!)

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

glad to hear you made it through the doctor visit unscathed. i had that same dark chocolate with raspberries this week. they sell it at my food coop and my friend who works there says divine chocolate is his favorite. so enjoy and happy new year!

Nicole said...

The thing I love most about the packaging is that you can have it framed ans used as decoration. I love it :)

Glad you had a great Holiday :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Glad you are okay! I have an abnormally high caffeine intake, it's bad! Maybe I need to switch to pretty chocolate bars! XX!

E said...

Glad you got through the doctor's appointment okay. Scary. I once had to have an ultrasound on some lumps in my neck - my doctor showed me her notes on my next visit, which said "Lymphoma????" It always felt like a close call.

How gorgeous is the packaging? As if chocolate wasn't good enough, let alone the beautiful wrapping.