Saturday, February 12, 2011

What It Is

Well, darlings. It has been a rather productive week. I finished two new purses and have a third one well on its way. There have, however, been some minor setbacks to production. A trip to the doctor and the nausea that comes from a script of antibiotics, flooded kitchens and other water issues, and (of course) constant calls and texts from work begging me to come back.

I have to admit that I got a tad bit anxious when I considered what was going to happen when the cash in my wallet slowly disappeared. But it has been so nice to be home and get to actually see some of my ideas and designs come to fruition. I'm hoping and praying that this works out.

Lighting is always a little tricky around here in the winter, so as soon as I get some good pics of my work I will share it with you. Thanks so much for your sweet comments and rallying support. You guys are the best. And to those new followers that have joined in; thanks for being here.

xoxo ~ Miz Jo ~ xoxo

* from Cannelle et Vanille


Dawn said...

"It is what it is" mantra;)

Can't wait to see all you're up to.
I hope you have a wonderful new week.
Thinking of you in everything:))

Michelle said...

Alright! Way to go being productive. Whenever I stress about money I always say, well, here I am! I made it this far, so I will keep this up and be good.

Jen said...

Can't wait to see them!!

And you are so right about winter and pictures... I can never get a decent shot! Sun, sun, where are you??

Happy Thursday Dear! xo

Jen said...

Oh, and nice work on the green tote.. LOVIN' that piece!!

Sarah Klassen said...

That's wonderful—I cannot wait to see what you've been working on! The not-so-fun setbacks can take a hike! I hope that this weekend will bring you some great time to create, and maybe a little time to relax and do some things for you :)


p.s you can always count on me for support—100%

Karena said...

Very excited to see your work!!!
I adore your bags! I love your site!

Art by Karena