Wednesday, March 16, 2011

May I Introduce You:

As you all know, there are plenty of sellers on Etsy that garner a whole lot of hoopla that they do not really deserve. I'm not being mean. It is just the truth. It baffles me how some sellers get so much attention while others who truly deserve the spotlight hardly get a chance.

So when I run across such a talented artist as Rose Wong, I just have to share it with as many people as I can. This girl's work knocks my socks off!

The title of Rose's shop is Go Happy, which is good advice for all of us. Yet her art conjures up so many emotions.

This one, in particular, is killing me. (I will probably be ordering it before the day is out.) I have felt like my heart was doing just that before, haven't you?

The complexity of her work just amazes me. Yet, even with all the pattern and detail, Rose's pieces still emit a certain sort of calm. A sort of zen.

In case you are wondering about her medium, most of her art is traditionally drawn with good ol' ink pens and then colored in digitally. As a student at Pratt Institute with a major in Illustration, I believe that Rose Wong has an amazing future ahead of her. What do you think?

Please click over and take a look at Rose's store. I just picked a few of my favorite pieces to share with you. There are plenty more, though, all enticingly priced.


Dawn said...

I have never seen such detailed artwork that included such emotion!
Will head over to look....
And yes- have definitely felt that way before!

doreese said...

Love her work.
& also love your blog :D

check mine out too if you have some time!! (art blog)

Dawn said...

So I went over and looked....and not only the artwork is beautiful....the titles she gives each piece is a perfect fit!!!
"The Weight of the World" it!
So thanks for sharing her with us!

AND.....guess what I got from my mailbox at the end of my driveway today?!?!!!!
WOOOOTWOOOOOO! Love it and Love it!
THANK YOU THANK YOU......a lot of time and effort went in to that and it's adorable. You are super creative....and I thank you so much for sharing with me:)
YOU MADE MY DAY.....MY WEEK...heck -you made mY MONTH!

Sarah Klassen said...

Hello my friend!

Yes, I really like her work also, and had not yet seen anything until now... cannot get over the first one, especially.

Hope you are having a great week so far, xoxo

p.s your comments always make me smile—you always have a great point and sometimes notice things that others many not...

Jen said...

I've actually come across her Etsy store before... such a talent!!

Happy Thursday Dear! xo

Jen said...

Girl, you can pull anything off!! ESPECIALLY feathers!


Giedre said...

Ooooo, *in love!* I'd love to see this work in person - looks so amazing digitally, but I'll bet there's tons of tiny details you can only see in person. Thanks for sharing!
ps. love your post below this one! Although I'm definitely on the opposite end of the "hate weddings" spectrum! ;)

Sarah Knight said...

Rose is very talented : )
Her work is quite lovely. And, yes, you are sadly correct when it comes to talent and magnificent work not exactly being the standard bearer when etsians 'get attention' over on Etsy. That's a long old battle...

Stacey said...

Her work is absolutely gorgeous. The bleeding heart is haunting.