Monday, June 3, 2013

Just a Note

So, I made it through surgery without a hitch.  I have a very bruised belly button and two more incisions to prove it.  Unfortunately, I didn't get along so well with anesthesia and was in the hospital well past the expected time of departure.

For anyone wanting to know, I had laparoscopic surgury performed to find out why my girl parts are such bitches.  Turns out, I had endometriosis and quite a bit of scar tissue stitching things together that should not have been stitched together.  But my fabulous doctor lasered that shit out of there like a Jedi knight.  Hopefully, life will be a lot more pleasant from now on.

I was greeted on my arrival home by cascades of pink blossoms on my rose bushes and two beautiful pink peonies blooming for the very first time.  (those are my roses right up there.)   Yay for spring!

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annelise said...

I didn't comment on this! I read it after you posted it but I think I was in a haze of assignments and essays and study and it didn't register.

Anyway, I'm SO glad it sounds like it's all taken care of! This should make life a bit nicer for you. xx