Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They Say It Smells Like Paint In Here.

I should really be doing something else, but I'm not. I'm skipping in between ordering parts and doing estimates and reading blogs and figuring bills and checking Etsy. Oh. And playing with the camera. In case you're wondering, I work in a body shop. Collision repair facility, if you want to be all proper about it. Wednesdays are usually pretty slow around here. Apparently, everyone decided to come get estimates yesterday while it was snowing. I guess they knew how much I love writing estimates when it is so cold that my fingers feel like they are going to break.

Enough whining. I was just thinking of something and thought I would share it before I forgot it. When I first started working here (almost 6 years ago) I made fun of the guys that work here because they couldn't remember anything. I mean, ANYTHING. And now, six years down the road, I am in the same boat. I can't remember who has called, what parts I've ordered, who has paid and who we owe. I have to write everything down. EVERYTHING. But at least we think we know what is causing this crazy loss of memory. Fumes.

At least once a week someone will walk into this office (well, we call it an office anyway) and proclaim "How do you stand that smell!?!". To which we all reply "What smell?". We have all been smelling the paint/primer/body filler/chemical fumes for so long that we can no longer actually smell them. And it is popular belief that this is the exact reason that we can also no longer remember what we had for lunch yesterday.

So, when I get lag on posting on my blog, please forgive me. Sometimes I forget I have one.

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