Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping in Touch

I have a few friends that I very rarely get to see. Besides living forty five minutes away from each other, our schedules rarely open up at the same times. But I still love to know what is going on in their lives and keep in touch as much as possible. So, we kick it old-school and write to each other! Cards, letters, brightly colored envelopes. Those are the ingredients for a smile in the mailbox. So when I ran across these darling pennant letter writing kits from Briones + Co, I was quite smitten. What a cute idea!

You and a friend either split the kit, or each buy your own. Then you write each other letters on the little pennants. As the letters come in, you string them up. And after a while.... ta da! You have a sweet garland of letters from someone you love. How much fun is that? It would also be a great way to get kids and pre-teens into the art of letter writing. I mean, in a world of texts and tweets, it would be such a shame for the written word to be forever lost.
When was the last time you wrote a letter? I hope this inspires you to get out your pen and paper. :)


Jen said...

Look at that cute little pencil! Oh I love it! Looks like something I could find on etsy :-)

Sarah Klassen said...

What a beautiful idea this is! It inspires me to get out some of my pretty French paper and get writing! There's nothing like receiving mail from a good friend/loved one, is there?


mimilove forever said...

ooo that's spooky we had a radio phone over here about this...there's nothing lovlier than getting a "proper" letter is there?