Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Hotness

The weather continues to be sweltering. Temperatures in the high nineties have left every known swimming hole slam packed with people. Friday evening and Saturday were spent at racetracks, drinking water non-stop and hoping for a breeze. But Sunday, oh sweet Sunday, was spent at the river. And what a glorious day it was. I would love to share some pics, but in my excitement to go swimming, I forgot my camera. Maybe next time.

Clicking through my photo file, these three images called my name. You can almost feel the heavy late summer heat coming off of them. How about that outdoor shower? Not a necessity, but definitely awesome. That little patio is one of my favorites. Perfect for some chit-chat and a big glass of sweet tea. And the pool.... well, it needs no explanation. Let's just say that I am very jealous.

So, what do you do when it gets too hot outside?

*1 & 2 from Sunset. 3 from Haute Design.


shari @ little blue deer said...

Looks like the Hamptons! So beautiful! It is so hot here, too! XO!

Rolerkite said...

this is great patio inspiration! Thanks

Jen said...

That outdoor shower is divine!! My next house needs one of those! ;-)

annelise said...

Summer. Summer, summer, summer. It blew a gale and rained here all weekend. The thought of summer...!!

Hope you're enjoying it, no doubt winter will come back around all too quickly.

Sarah Klassen said...

Sounds positively perfect! That shower is amazing -- when it's too hot, I literally open the large freezer door and stand there for a few minutes :)

Hope you've had a fantastic weekend + try to stay cool!


Maubrey said...

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