Friday, July 9, 2010

Serious Issues.

I think that my mini-post yesterday was quite misleading.

At that particular point in time I was dancing. Dancing around my living room like a fool to some awesome new dance/techno tunes that I obtained. The most of the week [while not at work] has been spent rolled into a little ball in excruciating pain....... to which my doctor just says "I don't think you have endometriosis. But we would have to do laparoscopy to find out for sure, and I'm sure we don't really want to have to do that. "

Like hell we don't want to do that!!!! What we want is to find out why the crap I feel like there are aliens making weapons in my abdomen!!! FIX IT!! I don't really care if it involves scraping my innards with a dull razor blade. If it will make me feel better in the long run, do it!

Okay. So when I receive a moment of perfectly medicated relief/bliss, I spend it dancing around like Shiva Rae in a rain storm. This is a "Why I" post in the making, friends. Just so you know.

The heat around here is making people a little crazy. It's hard to sleep at night. I want to spend every dime of our savings to build a pool. And then I want to stay in it. It hasn't rained in forever. The grass is dieing. Flowers. Poor flowers. They just stand around with their heads down.

So what is there to dance about this weekend, my friends? Well, I'm thinking it just may come in the form of a Celtic Rock concert. Yes, indeed. Guys in kilts, rocking out. Sounds good to me. Maybe a dip in the river on the way home.

In other news, you seriously have to go check out this website. I have laughed my hiney off. This one gets added to the favorites for sure. Don't ask questions. Just go see for yourself.

Happy weekend, darlings! Go do something fun.

*photo from the fashion bloggess.


Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my goodness, nooooo! I will pray for you and the issues that you are having will soon be helped. Oh my... keep us updated. I hope you have a bit of fun in all the worry, and I'm off to visit this site that you have recommended...

Thinking of you... warmly, xoxo


shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, now I'm curious! That sucks about the endometriosis, you need to find a doctor who will DO something, my friends that have had it suffer so much, it isn't right!

mimilove forever said...

ooo hope it all gets sorted for you soon...have a couple of close chums suffering like this...nasty!
Dance like the wind when you get the chance, you can't beat it!!

Fashion By He said...

great picture, the blog is awesome

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Prutha said...

hope u feel better and find new reasons to dance about!!

follow if u like what u see?


Jen said...

Go get checked out!! I had the lap done and it isn't that bad. If you want to talk about it, I'm here, just email me!

As for breakdancing... you go girl!! I don't know if you saw but learning lapdancing is on mine ;-) How crazy are we??