Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Panic Attack

I just ordered a new sewing machine.

It's freaking me out a little bit, as I am not one to spend money easily.

My dear sweet husband is praising me for my bravery.

It had to be done. I have piles of leather that cannot be sewn with my current machine. Piles of sketches of new designs. If I am ever going to make any advances in life I have to believe in myself enough to invest in myself. This is an investment in myself. And if you don't hear of any new leather stuff being listed in my shop over the next month, I expect you to stop by and slap me in the side of the head.

Thanks for listening.


Dawn said...

YaY!!! I am so proud of you for doing that!!!! Sometimes we just need to make a jump into what we want a just KNOW we should do and be doing!!!!
You made a SUPER investment...and yep- if I see nothing made of leather in the next while.....I will come over and sit you down at the thing. I won`t slap you though:))
Cannot wait to see what you create:))))

Michelle said...

Here Here! Congrats, take the plunge Jo!

Sarah Klassen said...

Haha, there's no way! But, I bet you cannot wait for your new sewing machine -- so exciting. Line up those drawings -- I cannot wait to see :)


shari @ little blue deer said...

Bring on the leather! Can't wait to see what you make! XX!

Jen said...

You did? You go girl! I love sewing and wish my machine could handle heavier fabrics like suede and leather. What kind did you get?? When you get it, will you post about it please!

la la Lovely said...

you go girl...can't wait to see what you do!!!!
ps- i used to love reading max lucado books... if you read the one on fear..let me know how it is!
happy week to you.
xo trina

oneofthesemornings said...

Brilliant idea. Yay for being ballsy. I'm watching keenly...