Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Play by Play

9 am - Wake up. Look outside and realize its snowing. Go back to bed.

10 am - Decide to drag my butt out of bed and make myself a Carnation Instant Breakfast smoothie. Wonder if this snow is going to let up or keep pouring.

10:30ish - Take a shower. Hair. Makeup. Put on something warm.

11:30 am - Drive to Asheville by myself. Order a Cookout burger and fries. Get really pissed because they forgot my drink and I didn't realize it until I was sitting in the mall parking lot.
Go buy a drink from the mall drink machine. Eat.

12ish to 1ish - Brave the crowds to go to Bath and Body Works and buy a few new Winter candles (my favorite). Mope around the mall looking for anything of interest. Try to keep my blood pressure down amidst the rude shoppers and screaming children. Realize why I HATE going to the mall.

1 pm - Decide to waste some more time by going to Michael's to buy some jewelry boxes for my shop.

1:25 pm - Head out to find the spa I have never been to. Freak out because Asheville's road systems are idiotic and I have to backtrack a big loop to get to where I am going. Grrrr.

1:55 - Call the spa. Tell them I have no idea where they are. Get some more confident directions. Try to keep my nerves in check.

2 pm - Pull into the parking lot of a inconspicuous little salon/spa. Rush inside. Take a deep breath. Fill out the info sheet. Strip down. Put on a robe and slippers.

The next hour is spent in heaven. Maybe not the real Heaven. But something close. A nice warm massage bed in a nice dark room with nice soothing music and the smell of lavender. Warm oils. Fantastic masseuse. I swear at times it felt like she had an extra set of hands, like Shiva. My husband is a saint for making this happen.

3:20ish - Drive to Tuesday Morning to see if I can achieve any early Christmas shopping. Fail to do so.

4:40 - Head home. Order pizza from Blue Mountain Pizza. Pick it up on the way. Get home about the same time as the hubby. Eat and look at tattoo magazines. Talk about the day. Wash the oil from my face and hair. Redo makeup and hair. Put on nice clothes.

7 pm - Go to the funeral home for my great grandmother's visitation and funeral service. (because death doesn't care if it's your 30th birthday) See lots of family that I rarely see.

9:30 - Go back home. Put on soft and snuggly clothes. Pop some popcorn. Watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall again. Snuggle the hubby.

12ish - Go to bed.


Jen said...

Now that sounds like what I do on the weekends... minus the snow! Uggh... I hope it didn't snow too much for you.

Jen said...


Jane Flanagan said...

Belated happy birthday!

My condolences for your loss. But am glad that you managed to have such a lovely birthday as well!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

happy birthday! a massage sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate. sorry about the funeral.

Dawn said...

Phew! What a day.
I really hope your birthday was a happy one....sorry about the funeral in all of it- Sorry for your loss.

I am glad you got a bit of heaven in there...and my favorite part was the end.
Hugs to you...hope your week is happy.
And Happy Birthday!

E said...

Sorry to hear about your great-grandmother :( That's never nice, regardless of what day it falls on.

Other than that though, it sounds like a perfect birthday. Massages, pizza, tattoos and husbands - does it get better?

Hope you had a wonderful day! :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you! You deserved that spa appointment -- there is nothing like it... :)