Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Dance!

Doing a little bit of a happy dance this afternoon (even though work has been a real drag). Why? Because I just set up an appointment for a massage! This Saturday is my big 3-0 birthday and my darling hubby bought me a gift certificate to a new spa. I will be spending my afternoon getting pampered before heading home to my favorite meal prepared by my sweet mom. Yay! I'm so excited! I will even have enough left over to go back and get a nice long pedicure on another day.


*photo from Haute Design.


Dawn said...

I'm Happy Dancing for you!!!!!

Happy (almost) birthday. There's nothing nicer than what you have for a present!!!!!!
Have an awesome rest of the week and Birthday too:)

Michelle said...

Wow! That is a big birthday, congrats! And a massage, yum! and dinner, double yum! I love when my family does things I love just for me, it makes me happy, so I know you must be too.

Sarah (Buzz) said...

I love that dress in the photo. Where is the photo from?


E said...

Oh, go you :) Birthdays, massages, mother-cooked meals, sweet husbands. What more could you want?!

I will be thinking of you on Saturday, might even raise a glass of champagne to you.

Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday full of lots of love. xx

megan said...

what a lovely image. :)