Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thank you. Come again.

Hello friends.

The last few weeks have been very tiring for me. My hubby has been off doing Army stuff. That means that he has been running missions. But I'm not one of those Army wives who gets into all the military lingo and all the details. Also, my parents have been moving out of their house as I have mentioned before. They are now completely moved out and the grade work for their new house is officially underway as of today.

It seems like every waking moment there is something else that needs to be done. And sooo much of my time and energy has been going towards finishing P90X that my housework has been a little slack. I could go on and on and on. But there's no need. What it all boils down to is that I haven't had time to post. I have barely had time to breeze through all the blogs that I read on a regular basis. And if I had three seconds to comment on your blog, then it was a rare and special three seconds.

I saw the photo above on Design Sponge and just about lost myself for a minute. I had to close my eyes and shake my head to pull myself back to reality. It looks like summer perfection, doesn't it? I can just feel the soft breeze and smell the sweetness of fresh green growth. My husband's birthday is this weekend and I'm really hoping for some quality relaxation in the warm sunshine. He's hoping for a bunch of friends around a big bonfire. I have to admit, that sounds pretty good. I hate to be so busy that I miss what is going on around me. Right now, spring is going on. And that is just too good to miss.

Much love to you all. Don't forget about me. And as always, thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay for Friday.

I'm signing off this week with another blast of purple. (Seriously perfect patio, isn't it?) I'm hoping to do a little outside work this weekend. I have bulbs popping up all over my flower beds! Tomorrow I will be doing a little yoga intro with a group of Girl Scouts. Hopefully they won't think I'm too big of a dork. And maybe, just maybe, I will be able to find the time to go out and eat with friends.

Yay for Friday! I hope yours is great.

*photo from This Is Glamorous.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lavender Crush

I am totally crushing on lavender right now, whether it be washed out and whisper soft or totally saturated and technicolor.

I have been sick this week and haven't gotten much of anything accomplished. But this weekend is promising warm weather and blue skies. I've got my fingers crossed.

*Photos are by Corrie Bond, found via Dress Design Decor.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Friday!

Finally Friday. It has been a stressful, confusing, odd week here in my world. And still going. I would elaborate, but that could take a while. We'll just say that it has much to do with sicknesses going around, my parents moving, my brother having neighbor issues, my cousin (and dear friend) being in the hospital, and me having yet another run in with a hot curling iron. Whew! I will also ask that you remember my cousin in your thoughts and prayers. It has been a long hard week for her, and it isn't over yet.

I am looking forward to getting my house clean this weekend. It's a bad thing when you actually look forward to cleaning house. But the weather is trying to act spring-like and I really have the urge to get things back in order.

I may not know you face to face, but I love each and every one of you who stop by here and read my little blog. I adore reading your comments. You continue to make my day over and over again. I know it gets said often, but it always merits being said again. Thank you all.

Now, you go have a great weekend. I hope to see you back here next week.

xoxo ~Jo~ xoxo

*stunningly gorgeous photo snagged from Little Lost Love.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have an hour before I get to go home and all I can think about is how much I would like to be taking a nap. Of course, I am one of those people who thinks that naps are one of the most wonderful things that life has to offer. Whether its sunny and warm or dark and dreary, there is always a perfect place to be napping.

When I saw these images on Design Sponge the other day, I fell into a nap takers trance. Yes, the white floors are amazing. The rough hewn dining table, to die for. The floor to ceiling bookcases, oh my gosh. But the real jewel? That tiny little loft up there in the corner of the room. Seriously, all I want to do is climb up there and forget the world outside. How insanely awesome is that?!? There are so many things to love about this space, but that takes the cake.

Of course, there are apparently other places to nap in this house. Like this perfectly white zen den. Can I please just say that the tiny little side table is calling my name? I can hear it. I want it. This little room is so tranquil. But, honestly, I think I would still want to climb up into the sky box for my naps. Okay. Okay. It may depend on how tired I was and if I could safely scale the ladder.
Don't you love it?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello, You

I don't really have much to say here lately. The sun has been shining and it has pretty much melted my brain into a pile of warm sticky goo (kind of like melted popsicle).

I've had a lot going on. I guess I probably didn't fill you in on the fact that my mom and dad sold their house and are in the process of packing and sorting. So, I have had to move out all of my stuff that I had stored there and figure out what to do with it. They will be building a new house as soon as the weather cleans up its act.

Drag racing season is about to get started back up, thank goodness. I miss it when its gone. The hubby has been working on the car and getting ready to get back on the track.

Next week will mark the beginning of phase 3 (the final phase) of P90X for me. I am excited to see what this last month will do for me. I have already gained lots of strength and muscle tone. I no longer feel like a weak little skinny girl. (Not that I really did before. But I should have, because I didn't realize what a pansy ass I was turning into.)

Tonight we have dinner for my sister-in-law's birthday. That means pasta and birthday cake. :)

And I just had to share the pic above from the Sartorialist. I mean, how gorgeous is she? So natural looking and pretty. And check out those earrings and piles of jewels! Stunning. It makes me smile.

I hope you find plenty of reasons to smile this week. Please, by all means, leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by.

Friday, March 5, 2010

tee hee hee

While playing with my 4 year old niece during lunch today:

Her (as teddy bear): "Hi. My name is Katie."

Me (as plush monkey): "I'm Mully! And I want to join the circus!"

Her: "No! We can't do that."

Me: "Why not?"

Her (in a whisper): "Because it smells like elephant pee!"

*adorable print above is from Trafalgar's Square. there are tons more cute animal prints where that came from, and they're all on sale right now! a $10 sale! no joke. and they don't smell like elephant pee!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I think my new favorite color for summer is going to be gold.

Gold looks good with almost any other color. Especially summer colors. Coral. Seafoam green. Navy blue. Red. And, of course, every shade of white.
I've been daydreaming on the Anthropologie website this evening. I had half the day off from work to go to a dentist appointment. It's been quite nice to relax and blog browse for a while.
Thanks for visiting this week. I hope the sun shines for each of you this weekend.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday, I went home and ate a bowl of cereal. decided to take a nap at 6:00. woke up at 9:44. ate some peanut butter on crackers. washed my face. went back to bed.

What does this tell you?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

*Olive You*

Today I am really loving the combination of olive green, pale blue and orange or yellow. It feels very spring, and I could use a shot of spring right now.

Darling dishes from walmart. (no joke)
Adorable poster from thewheatfield.

Super awesome necklace from Anthropologie.
Please don't kick me for being so slack in posting lately. It may be a while before things pick back up around here. Please bear with me. (I'm asking nicely.)