Friday, January 21, 2011

Craving Warmth

I don't know about you, but I am in dire need of some sunshine and warm breezes. These lovely pics will have to do for now. Can't you just feel that soft green grass under your bare feet?

This right here is seriously my dream kitchen. Simple design. Dark wood flooring. That natural light pouring in from above! I love everything about this room. And those big doors? Perfect for summer breezes.

Although I have always been a huge fan of color on the walls, lately I have been attracted to the stark white approach. There is something so clean and refreshing about a white background. And I imagine this room smells like a freshly cut lawn. Look, it's my daydream, alright? I can imagine it to smell any way I want it to.

Wishing for warm weather yet?

*all photos via Sunset.


Jen said...

You better believe I am!! Sun and warm weather... please come soon! ;-)

And I'm so glad you like my Etsy store. Just posted my items the other day. Still getting used to everything but so far so good :-)

How are you? Big weekend plans?

E said...

I am actually wishing for some warmth. This summer has been the biggest non-event ever (though I did get a little burnt at the beach yesterday). Maybe summer is just being fashionably late.

Lovely photos. FOr the last couple of years, I've been completely fixated on black walls. They've just seemed so dramatic and classy but lately, my eye has been wandering to the lighter side, so these pictures are right up my alley.

Hope your weather turns better. Have a lovely weekend. x

Dawn said...

Oh I SO wish for warm weather...and I just got back from it!!! It's almost worse....teases you on vacation and then you go home to terrifying cold and ice;) (Whine, whine:))

Cannot wait to see the ring- and no- do not mind the wait:)
I would be in on the yoga thing with you if we lived closer. No one here will go with me.
Want to move beside me? I think we'd have a ton of fun!!!!!