Friday, January 7, 2011


My favorite thing to do when I get home from work in the spring and summer is to take a walk around my yard. I do it most every single day. I check on my flowers and wonder at the tiny buds and singing birds. But in the winter, the warmth of the house calls out to me. The sky is already dark when I get home and the birds and blooms have long been gone.

But this evening I was alone and the snow was falling yet again. Pouring, actually. And the whiteness of the world outside beckoned me to explore. So I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

The branches were heavy laden with white fluff. Bare weeds formed little frames to hold cupfuls of sparkle. The cold bit at my fingertips. I could feel my face going numb. But I just kept walking. Exploring. And for the first time in quite a while I felt at ease. Not that anything is unusually stressful lately. But it was just that feeling. Do you know what I'm talking about? That feeling that comes up deep from the bottom of your heart center. That feeling that everything is okay.

The snow is still falling. There is probably close to nine inches out there. The power has already went out once while I've been writing this. But everything still feels okay. And for that I am thankful. Maybe tomorrow I will venture out again. ~~~~


E said...

Jo, these photos are GORGEOUS. Especially the last one.

I know that feeling you're talking about. The 'at ease' feeling. It doesn't come along all that often but when it does, you've got to relish it.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovely lady. I owe you a couple of emails. I haven't forgotten. xx

Dawn said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!! You much as I am so tired of this snow- it does give us some beautiful pictures...if nothing else;)

Well...I'm headed to the Caribbean on the you want to come??????? I cannot wait to escape:))

Michelle said...

WOW, NINE inches? Damn. We got five and I am Loving.It.To.Bits.