Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I mentioned this little quote to my husband recently. He thought it was a bunch of crap. Apparently, my husband is not a nice person.

I've been busy with family stuff lately. The last of the hubby's great-grandparents died over the weekend. I've been in dress clothes for two days straight. Thank goodness I can get back to a pair of jeans and a tank top tomorrow.

Just dropping in to say hello. Hope your week is going well.

*thanks again, Jen, for the great quotes. Bits of Truth


E said...

I love this quote, I've seen it around the interwebs and completely agree with it.

Sorry to hear about your husbands great-grandparents. But if he's made it to this age and had great-grandparents, they must have had a pretty long life! Amazing. Hope all the funeral stuff isn't too rough, I know it's not fun :(

Hugs to you guys. xx

Jen said...

Oh, I'm sure he is a nice person! You must have just caught him on an off day ;-)

I'm so sorry to hear about his great grandparents. You guys doing ok??

Hope your week goes better!


amy b.s. said...

this is a fantastic quote that i think applies to everyone.

Sarah Klassen said...

01 that quote is so true. it's sooooo true. I was appalled to find this out about a "friend" who treats me very well, but others who merely work within stores or restaurants very poorly.

02 I am sorry to hear about your husband's great-grandparents—the passing is never an easy thing to overcome...

But on a bright note, I wish you a very happy Easter :)