Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Showers

Hello again friends. I hope that you all had a beautiful Easter weekend, whether you celebrate the holiday or not. The weather here was gorgeous. Saturday was spent at the motocross track. Sunday has been spent with family. Quite nice, indeed.

I thought I would share a few more photos of the flowers around my house. We are right now wrapping up the month of April. Unbelievable, right? And I am hoping that all these showers we have had are going to bring a bounty of May flowers.

By the way...... I just want to say "thank you" for being such great blog friends. Some of you have left the most thoughtful, supportive, kind comments for me lately and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the greatest and, if I could, I would send every one of you a huge bouquet of the prettiest spring flowers to brighten your day like you brighten mine.

xoxo ~Jo~ xoxo


la la Lovely said...

Happy Easter, Jo!
Hope you had a gorgeous day. Your flowers are so beautiful. I can't wait to start seeing some flowers around here!!!!
Have a lovely week!
xoxo Trina

Dawn said...

Those are absolutely stunning.
I'm coming over to (steal) grab a few from your place to scatter here. I was raking snow on the weekend;)

Jen said...

Thank YOU for being such a great friend too!!! :-)

How's your week going?

Julie Khuu said...

Oh spring flowers...always puts a smile to my face. I love seeing all the perennials in other parts of the country this time of year...Kinda puts SoCal to shame at times :D Thanks for sharing!


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E said...

The flowers are lovely. Spring and Autumn are such pretty times of the year.

Thank you for being a great friend.

Andrea Reh said...

Pretty pretty pretty!

Just discovered your blog via {tig}.
Will be following you from now on - would be lovely if you popped by my blog and followed me too!

Andrea x