Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Ending

I am sitting here eating what will more than likely be my last strawberry salad for this year. Trying to savor the flavor of the berries, I'm afraid I'll forget what they taste like by the time December rolls around. I already can't make it past 6 p.m. without putting a jacket on. The air is sharp and clean. The heaviness of heat no longer hangs in the evenings. There is no haze. No humidity. Just crystal clear skies and the brightest, fluffy clouds floating in the blue.

Pool Party Fridays just don't seem to fit the bill anymore. It would have to be a heated pool for me to take that jump. But I still attempt to grasp at the last precious moments of summer. Like a good dream that you hope you can re-start if you go back to sleep quick enough.

I hope to see more of you this week. I have lots of things in my head to talk about, but not enough time to work through them and put them into a post. But I am trying. Here's to a new week. A round of Hugs and Sunshine for everyone!

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Dawn said...

it IS getting chillier...but I would like one more swim...out to that hammock!
So pretty. Don't you wish summer could last a BIT longer?

Sarah Klassen said...

I totally get what you mean—the mornings are so crisp and there is a definite dew on the ground... and evenings are quite cool, but I am thankful that our days are still warm and beautiful!