Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a Day

I'm trying to make myself feel better.

One tends to lose a lot of sleep trying to hear every little sound that goes on around the house at night. I am paranoid. The peeper came back the second night. No messes. Just peeping the second time. He was a no-show last night when we were waiting for him. I am tired and my brain is exhausted. I want to be at the beach with my parents and my brother and his family.

So let's pretend that all is totally well and that I can still walk around my house naked if I want. And let's talk for just a second about this little crush I have on Charlie Day.

My husband and I went to see Horrible Bosses while we were on vacation. Pretty funny movie. But what makes it even better is the presence of Charlie Day in it. Now I rarely harbor a crush on anyone famous. It's just not my style. But this guy is just too damn adorable. And funny. Gorgeous eyes and the cutest smile you have ever seen. Am I the only one who sees it? The magazines seem to favor the other two guys in the movie (Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis).

Not me. I favor Charlie.


annelise said...

I can't believe this sicko came back for a second night. I hate this guy. I wish you were at the beach with your family too.

I do not know of this Charlie Day but I think I would like to. I haven't seen the movie - I'm not even sure if it's been released in Australia yet - but maybe I will.

Dawn said...

Sorry about the awfulness. That's sick.
I hope things are going better and they caught whoever this was by now....