Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Perfect

I have never wanted to be a celebrity. Never craved fame and fortune.
But you have to admit that there are certain privileges that would be quite nice. Like the ability to buy the best designer clothes and accessories. Or the best of the best of vacations.

But there is one thing in particular that the rich and famous have that makes me a jealous. And that is....... great photographs of themselves. Is that a vain thing to want? I mean, honestly, haven't you ever wished that you had someone photographing you that would make you look your best? And a crew following you around to make sure your hair/makeup/clothing was perfect? Wouldn't it be awesome to have beautiful, artistic pictures of you and yours?

I know there are plenty of amazing photographers out there who are ready and willing to take gorgeous shots of regular people. But every time I come across a stunning photo shoot in a magazine, I can't help but get a little bit green with envy. I can't help it. I want to put on Alexander McQueen and have my picture made.

*photo from here. Thanks, Sarah!


Dawn said...

Ahhhh...I KNOW what you mean! I want that! Just once. Then I could frame it, album it, look back at it and dream of what was.....
Happy New week to you!

Jen said...

You put out more Etsy items... YEAH!!! :-)

Happy Friday Dear! Have a good one.

la la Lovely said...

I'm with you. We are having photos done tomorrow.. I wish I was not looking the way that I am as I've still got some weight too lose. But if I was rich and famous I'd have that covered too because I'd have a trainer and a cook and a maid and a full time nanny... dang, I'm wishing I was rich and famous right now! Hope you are well, Jo!

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh, it's from my blog :)

And YES, I so agree! Why is it so difficult? I hope to have proper photos one day :) Not a bad request in any way!