Monday, September 26, 2011


In need of a warm embrace.......

*all these images from this beautifully explicit (there's your warning) pinboard.


Amber said...

Sending you a hug because the bag FINALLY arrived this week. Seems that customs had opened the package and delayed it.

It is wonderful! I'm using it every day. And thank you for the extra little gift inside, it's fabulous.

(oh, and the smile ribbon? wraps around my computer and i look it at every day. thank you)


Matt said...

Hugz from Ottawa Jo. Think we can all use them.


Miriam said...

great entry! your blog is wonderfel.. so many beautiful photos. have a lovely day!

Dawn said...

Hug (hug) *hugs*
Ahhh..there's nothing better. I try to get a few a day....from somewhere;))
(I DO have 4 kids:)))