Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Pool Party!!!

Have you noticed that I'm doing good to get one post a week around here?
What do you mean, that's all you've ever expected from me?!?
Okay. Okay. This actually makes two this week, smarty pants.

Anyway. I couldn't help but throw in a pool party. This pic is breaking my heart wide open. As much as I love autumn, I don't really like my feet being cold. I'm pretty sure that I would be warm as sunshine lounging there on those pillows.

I'd love to stick around a bit, but it's time to go workout. Gotta keep the blood pumping in order to keep the toes toasty.

Happy weekend, darlings!

*pic from here via here.

1 comment:

annelise said...

Oh man. Even posting at once (or twice) a week is doing better than I am. People who post every day fascinate me because I can't think of a single bloody thing to say.

That pool ... Oy. Could you imagine the warm sun on your skin? Until you get so hot that you have to lower yourself slowly into the water to cool off, literally feeling your temperature drop as you slipped through the water? Because I can and it's freaking good.

Have a lovely weekend. xx