Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fantasy

from here.
Battling a MASSIVE headache this morning.

I little bit of peace and quiet would be paradise. 

The feel of warm sand and cool ocean water wouldn't hurt, either. 

Happy weekend, dolls.  Here's wishing you many hugs and much sunshine this weekend.

xoxo Jo xoxo


annelise said...

This picture is gorgeous. We've just had our wettest and coldest day in something like over ten years which makes it feely truly like winter - even though it's not even winter yet! I'm kind of enjoying it though.

Hope you're feeling better :( And I feel like an absolute heel - I read over our last email conversation (no action on the family front but am seeing her next weekend so will have to investigate further developments!) that I never replied to. Sounds like things have been really rough in your part of the world lately. I hope everything is picking up. xxx

Kristin W said...

I feel like I am in a constant state of battling headaches these days. Hope you feel better soon!