Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mid-Week Mumbling

from here.

This is where I am trying to get my hair right now.  A nice mid-length bob.  That I can curl.  Or leave wavy.  My hair is about the color and texture of hers, too.  So I'm hoping it looks as good as hers.

I do this all the time.  Go from one style to another.  Cut it off.  Grow it out.  Cut it off again.  And as much as I would like to shave one side of it and go all punk,  I really always gravitate back to classic styles. 

Thing is, my hair has the weirdest natural wave to it.  It's not a sexy bed-head wave.  It's crazy and unpredictable.  That is one of the reigning reasons that I always end up cutting it short again.  That, and the fact that short hair fits my personality.  I love the idea of longer hair, but I always get to this certain point and think "Oh yeah.  This is why I keep my hair short!".

Do any of you do the same thing?  Get some big idea that "this time" it will be different?  This time I know how to fix it or how to style it.  What products to use.  I just needed a few layers here or a few highlights there and it would have worked the last time.  But it's always the same.  ???

I'm still going to do it, though.  Because I can.  Because I am blessed with fast-growing hair.  And because I haven't learned my lesson.


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mimilove forever said...

teehee ah the nightmare of hair decisions...altho I have just had my back and sides shaved off punk stylee! ;0)...probably not young enough to pull it off but far too old to care! ;D

Good luck and persevere with that growing! ;)X