Friday, February 22, 2013


from here.

Emotions are a funny thing. 
They tie you up.  
They kick your ass. 
They hold you down.
They make you fly.
They cause you to make irrational decisions. 

I try not to let my emotions get 
the best of me.  
I try to recognize where they are coming from,
and then let them go.

That's hard to do sometimes, 
isn't it?
Let your emotions go? 

Yogic philosophy compares emotions to the weather.
Ever changing.  In constant flux.
And we can do nothing about it.  
Our emotions are personal, yes....but they do not define us.  
They are simply an uncontrollable part of the
landscape of the human life. 

It is a beautiful thing, 
human emotion.
It sets us apart from other creatures.  
But we must always remember that we do not control our emotions.
They try to control us. 
And it is up to us to recognize this truth and 
take the reins.

Don't let your emotions decide for you. 

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