Monday, February 18, 2013

True to You

Some things are just meant to be.
Like me and short hair. 

Pinterest makes me believe that if I grow my hair out it will be beautiful and silky and full of styling potential.  But the truth is, it never turns out that way, no matter how many ways I learn to style it. 

So, it's back to short hair for me.  And I love it!  I look in the mirror and recognize myself once again!


Anonymous said...

Wow you are truly beautiful inside in out.

life without want said...

I love your short hair! I love that feeling when you have the exact 'right' haircut and you look at yourself and actually see yourself again. :)

annelise said...

I didn't comment on this! You look gorgeous with short hair! I've always thought that some people look better with short hair, like too much hair overwhelms their facial features or something. It looks fantastic!