Friday, August 21, 2009

What You Need For Fall ~ punk doll edition

Just in case you couldn't come up with anything to spend your money on this season, I give to you a selection of Etsy delicacies sure to make you hungry. This is the Punk Doll edition. I've got more to come. Barbed wire hoops. Sexy and sharp. I bet you won't run into anyone wearing the same kind! These are made by Girl Tuesday Jewelry. The barbs are actually filed down and flattened so they aren't uncomfortable to wear.

Raw gemstones are becoming quite fashionable. I love the way they look. Magical and mysterious. This one comes from The Social Cellar.

You gotta love anything that makes you think of track suits and boom boxes. And that is exactly what comes to mind every time I look at this ring by Steven Shein. Just be sure to take it off before break dancing.

And finally, this is something that I have been lusting over for a long time now. I want a hoodie from SCHiZO soooo bad. Her designs are always so clean and meticulous. They are close fitting and crazy azz supa fly. LoVe. lOvE. Love. LOvE. Gotta save my allowance for one of these. ;)
Hope you enjoyed. I'll be back next week with a more classic edition. Have a wonderful weekend all.
Love ~ Jo

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nycrun said...

love the top earrings