Tuesday, June 22, 2010

** Family Fortune **

My husband and I went to a wedding Friday. A wedding for one of our dear friends who has now moved out of town and we never see. But that's another story.

It was a gorgeous, classy wedding. Fantastic reception.

The groom's mother is such a lovely and poised woman. Physically, naturally beautiful. So graceful and smart. The kind of woman that I hope I turn out to be. She raised four beautiful children (two boys, two girls) by herself after losing her husband much too early. Now, all four of her children are married and moved out.

Anyway, we were talking after throwing handfuls of birdseed at the happy couple. She said something that really stuck with me. She said that you know everything has turned out alright when your children grow up to be people that you actually like. Then, in her sharp, slightly wine induced humor, she stated "I hated all of mine as kids, but I love them as people!" Of course, she was joking about hating her kids. Don't flip out about that. Her point was that her kids turned out to be people that she would like, regardless of whether they were her own flesh and blood.

I really loved that thought. Don't you?

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Amber said...

I do love that thought. And I also love that Regina Spektor song lyrics that the picture references. So true.

P.S even tho I've been crap with comments doesn't mean i'm not still lurking around...

Elise said...

Weddings are lovely. The groom's mother sounds lovely. I love what she said.

Sarah Klassen said...

I do!

I think it's very true, as well. My Mum is the only other person that I have heard something similar from... she said she would rather skip the baby and kid stage, and go right to teens and adults. She enjoys us most now, and I am beginning to understand why... thanks for sharing this. It's one of those posts I won't ever forget :)