Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pressing Rewind

I have been quite distracted lately. Lots of blog post ideas floating through my head; not getting around to writing them. Trying to relish any sunny weather that we randomly get blessed with (has the weather been totally uncharacteristic in your area, too?). Trying to keep my nerves intact. I have been too easily annoyed with things lately. Trying to make decisions. I have the urge to cut my hair again.

See what I mean? My mind is all over the place. I can't seem to concentrate on anything.

But.... I am in desperate need of feeling "put together". I am so tired (literally) of being scatter-brained. I need to press rewind and start cleaning up all the messes that I have left strewn around. So, I called and made my yearly "girl" appointment. I called and made an appointment for a regular physical. I am giving my hair until the end of the month before I make a decision about cutting it. I am delegating (or trying to) some of my chores out to the husband. I am watching what I eat. And I am making a list.

I am a list maker. Yes, I am. No shame in it. I make lists for everything. And right now, I am making a list of all the things that I have started and never got around to finishing. Projects. Paintings. Patterns that I have cut out. Clothes awaiting patching and hemming. Things like that. Things that I need finished and out of my way so that I can feel a little more organized. And energized. And ready to start on all those new ideas that I have. So starting now (yesterday, actually) I will resolve to mark off at least one thing from my list every day until the list is done. And I expect you to hold me to it. Last night I re-worked a bag that I was not happy with and repaired a swimsuit for my cousin. Woo hoo! Off to a good start.

What are you up to? Don't you wish we all looked as put together as the lovely Miss Katherine Heigl up there? Check out her photo shoot for the new Harper's Bazaar. It's gorgeous.

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Sarah Klassen said...

Awww, hang in there! I completely relate to feeling this very way sometimes... I am a list maker, too, which seems to help compartmentalize my ideas + thoughts. (usually!) On a side note, I give you credit, I'm 24 + have never a girl appt. ever... ever... I'm too scared. I like your attitude, though, each day, doing something from your list. Small or large, it doesn't matter.

I will be working this weekend, but enjoying visits to some of my favorite blogs—like yours! Off to have some wine + see more pictures...

Have a wonderful weekend :)