Thursday, June 16, 2011


Friday is here again. And so soon.
I want to drink in every moment of sunshine and warmth that the season has to offer, but time just seems to go by so fast. I always expect to get more done than I actually do. And there is still an empty spot somewhere in my heart that is longing for something new. Or maybe somewhere new. I'm not sure.
When I found the photo above, I stopped dead in my tracks and took a deep breath. It was like a spell was cast on me. I completely lost myself in it. I could feel the warm air on my skin. I could taste the salty water on my lips. I could imagine swimming in those waters until dark. And then I saw that the photo was taken in the Maldives and something occurred to me. I have run across many photos of the Maldives in my online travels, and they always stop me in my tracks. I know this may sound crazy, but I think that I have dreamed about this place in the past. It's like my heart is tethered to this place somehow. Or maybe somewhere very much like it. You may think that I am completely full of shit, but I actually have a written record of one of my dreams from years ago that perfectly matches up with an image I came across the other day.

I may never get to see the places of my dreams in real life, but I am grateful to be able to travel there in my mind through the beautiful photos and accounts of travels that are shared on the internet.

If I go missing, just know that I am swimming in the waters of the Maldives. At least in my mind.

Happy weekend, all. I hope it is as fantastic as your daydreams.

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annelise said...

The Maldives looks insane, doesn't it? The photo is gorgeous.

I know what you mean about feeling tethered to a place. I feel like that about Italy. Even before I went there, I knew it was my place.

I hope you make it to the Maldives one day. You never know.

Matt said...

Like! (Fully assimilated) ;)

Jen said...

Oh sweetie, what a beautiful post! If you get a chance to ever go... take me with!!!

lilabraga said...

I used to leave inside a resort called One&Only Maldives for 6 years!!! Life was fabulous and I could not wish for I am in Dubai wishing I could have enjoyed more of my lost paradise...missing Maldives sooooo much now. :(
Maldives is so much more than water and have to be there to understand how holy that place is!
Make sure that one day in your life you go there my friend!

Dawn said...

Im with you on this. I need new-ness. I really do.