Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Just a little mid-week update for you. As you can see, I have a pile of bags to get photographed and listed. There are a few more in the works, too. And some smaller pieces. However, the lighting has been a little sketchy the past few days and I haven't been able to get good pics. Listing items in the Etsy store is a tedious task. Besides making the item and pricing it, you also have to write descriptions, upload all the photos and tag them. Bear with me. You all know that I'm a little slow at getting things done.

Yesterday was like a National Geographic shoot in my back yard. First, I witnessed the neighbor's cat sneak in like a stealthy thief and snatch up one of my adorable little chipmunks. There is a reason that I don't have cats. Well, obviously, I do have cats. They just aren't mine. And then....... this black racer came off the bank like a bolt of lightening and caught a frog!! Literally three feet beside me. Scared the holy crap out of me. So my stupid, panic mode brain told me to go get a hoe instead of a gun (after, of course, I went and got the camera) and the snake bolted off unharmed. I could have killed the slithering little spawn of satan if I had just thought to get the gun instead. He wouldn't have seen me coming. But, oh well. And, seriously, don't even tell me that I shouldn't kill snakes. I AM NOT hearing your arguments.

On a tamer note, I have been feeling unusually girly lately and playing with makeup. Ladies, let me ask you a question. What kind of foundation do you use? I have given Mary Kay every chance in the world to redeem themselves, but they have failed. Their newest formula has the most shades that they have ever offered and not a single one of them matches my skin. None. So I am seriously considering a little trip to the MAC counter. I have never used MAC, but their sales chicas look really bad-ass and I like how many eye shadow options they have. They have more colors than Benjamin Moore! Not that I normally wear a huge array of wild colors; but when I want a brick red eyeshadow, I want a brick red eyeshadow, damnit! But the foundation is the important part. So, do you have any suggestions?

All of June is gonna be a busy month around here. I have to make a cake for my grandmother's birthday party coming up this Thursday. I have a pile of things to paint (signs, frame mats, tags) for my cousin's wedding. Not to mention that cake and a grooms cake to go with it. I have to take my dad to get several teeth pulled next week. The hubby got his motorcycle fixed, so we will be back to motocross racing on the weekends. And then there is all the other stuff that just has to get done on a daily basis. So..... June=busy.

I hope your week is going good. Please excuse me for being so completely random on this post. I have some pretties stored up for you, too. So I'll try to sprinkle them in here and there.
Hugs and Sunshine to you.
xoxo ~Jo~ xoxo


annelise said...

Oh crap, oh crap. Snakes. I think you know of my phobia? Must have been the weekend for it - my dad killed a snake on Saturday. I don't like the thought of killing anything but the only good snake is a dead snake. Especially when their venom can kill.

The bags look fantastic! Really summery. You've done a great job. I don't think I commented on the other post when you were saying you didn't know if you were going to stick with Etsy or try a few shops in your town - I'd go for the shops in town. You might lose a few bucks on commission but the exposure might be better. A bit of word of mouth or someone visiting who happens to own a shop in another town who wants you to do an order of bags. I think it's definitely worth a go.

As for foundation, I go for whatever's cheapest at the time but that's just because I'm a tightarse when it comes to makeup. My cousin (you-know-who) swears by MAC and her make up always looks perfect.

I love the photo of you, it's so pretty. Your eyes look great.

Dawn said...

OMG....are you serious?! That snake was IN your back yard? And You THOUGHT to pick up a camera?????
Just looking at it is going to give me nightmares tonight.
Brave you. Very very brave you.

Hmmm...foundation- I'm cheap. Loreal.
But when summer hits and I seem to always be in bike, swim, run, hike mode...I play au'naturel and go naked.
(my face that is....although....JK!)
Loving those new creations of yours!!

Jen said...

Ick! I hate both frogs and snakes!! There was a frog on my patio the other night after a rain storm and I ran inside. Not that I'm afraid it's going to eat me or anything, they're just gross and slimey!!

As for foundation, I don't wear any! Haven't since maybe high school. So sorry, can't help there!

And those bags... gorgeous!! Seriously LOVE them!!! And I wanted to mention the post you did awhile back about trying to decide if you should post on etsy anymore or if you should do stores. I hear ya! I just don't have much luck on Etsy! There are just so many things being sold on there that it's difficult to make a niche. I'm kinda starting to think about the store thing. Have any advice? How do you even start the process?

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Stacey said...

Those new bags are adorable. Please let me know when you list them, especially the watercolorish bright and pastel ones. Did you color the fabric?

Jacquelyn said...

you are so adorable! Sarah talks about you and your blog and I finally checked you out. I'm just starting to find my way past Sarah's blog to others (I'm her Mom ;)

as for that snake...YIKES, when I was a pre-teen a neighbourhood boy held a creepy little garden snake to my face and I fainted on the spot just as I started screaming my fool head off. I am still petrified to this day. Having two boys who loved snakes wasn't easy because I had to keep my cool when they find them at their Grandparents farm. Oh so glad those days are done...

and my 2 cents on foundation...don't unless you skin is really bad. From the pictures, you look like you have beautiful skin. The key to beautiful young looking skin when you're older, start taking great care of it when you young...

oh, and on the handbags...I love the nautical one that Sarah linked...you are incredibly talented.

Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my goodness, the only time I've seen a snake was behind glass — yuck!

As for foundation, I do not wear it. I find that my skin does not tolerate it at all, and I do not like the feeling and sometimes find that foundation looks cakey, almost like a mask. I swear by Benefit's concealer for specific areas, if needed: http://petiturl.com/2o4

Honestly, try it, you will never go back to anything else, I promise! It's perfect for dabbing under the eyes, or any spot areas as needed. It lasts for a really, really long time, surprisingly, as is so smooth upon application, blending in seamlessly.

Other than that, I use a really nice bronzer to highlight cheekbones (Mac in "golden") and leave just play up lips or eyes.

I have recently switched my skincare routine as well, opting for 100% natural products. My skin has never felt or looked better... since childhood, really. I adore the routine and highly recommend:


Jo, you have lovely skin and do not need to cover it up :)

Wishing you a lovely day.
xx, Sarah

la la Lovely said...

First of all I think it's pretty bad a** that you would kill a snake! I'm all for killing any span of satan -ha.

More importantly... Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer...all the way! I'm a huge fan. It is a non-foundation, foundation.
Mac has fab eyeshadow. I love Bobbi Brown but I think Mac applies and stays on way better. And your eye makeup looks killer -hello gorgeous!
Happy week to you!