Sunday, November 6, 2011


There are a few more strands of silver in my hair.
There are a few more lines around my eyes and mouth.
But I am proud to say that I turn 31 today.

Age has never really scared me. I am not one to try to hide mine. Instead, I announce it loud and clear for all to know. I mean, honestly, it has taken me 31 years and 9 months to get to this point in my life. Why would I try to downplay that accomplishment? Maybe I haven't achieved everything that I hoped I would by now. Maybe I have made and continue to make many mistakes with my time here on earth. But I have lived and breathed the air of this world for 11,315 days. I have been right here...... enjoying the good times, gritting my teeth through the bad times, and trying to foster hope for even more positive experiences in the future. God has blessed me with 31 years of life and counting. May I never be ashamed of my age, for it is a gift.

*photo from here.


Sarah Klassen said...

Happy Birthday, Jo! I wish you a very blessed year ahead. May God bless you with love, joy-filled moments and lovely things throughout the year to come...


Sarah Klassen said...

p.s And, I agree—age is nothing to be ashamed of :)

annelise said...

Happiest if happy birthdays to you, my dear! I hope you've been having a wonderful day.

I'm with you: I'd much rather get old rather than the alternative.


Julia said...

happy birthday!

Dawn said...

So sorry I missed your happy day. I wish you a wonderful new year and blessings to fill each and every day!
(And you are very young. Now I don't want to tell you my age;))