Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Case For Black

Recently, I chose to paint the kitchen in a house that we are working on black. All of the guys that I work with thought that I was crazy. They asked over and over if I was lying about my color choice. That is, until I actually painted it. But once the paint was on the walls, they all loved it!

It seems odd that there are so many perfect examples of how beautiful and sophisticated black walls can be, yet there are still so many people who cringe at the idea. The very week that I painted the kitchen, my mom got a new House Beautiful magazine that was just crawling with gorgeous black walls.

Even painting only one wall black brings something special to a room. Don't you think? It just looks so black-tie and classy.
Do any of you have black walls in your home?

*photos from here, here, and here.


Matt said...

Nice! Love dark colours. Must admit I have not tried pure black as of yet.

annelise said...

I LOVE black! Have you seen my Pinterest board, The Darkest of Places? The rooms, and these, are just so dramatic and glamorous. When I have walls of my own, I'm definitely going to try it out. I mean, it's only paint, right? It's not like it can't be changed.

Did the owner of the kitchen love it?

Miz.November said...

Annalise, Yes! I love your Pin board. Gorgeous stuff.
The house is actually a foreclosure, so the bank leaves the paint colors to us.

mandyface said...

Ima a big black paint fan! I hadn't seen this pics though, so lovely!

Dawn said...

I've never been brave enough...but love the pictures. I wonder if I dare.....