Thursday, November 10, 2011

Life Gets in the Way

I had finally found my sweet spot for working out. I had figured out the right combination of cardio and strength training, with some yoga worked in. I was on a roll. Feeling great. Looking stronger than I had in forever. I looked forward to my workouts.

And then.....

I had to take ten days worth of high powered antibiotics whose side affects included risk of tendon rupture. Yes. Tendon rupture. My body ached like I had been beaten with a baseball bat. I could feel tendons and connective tissues that I had never even thought about. No working out for over a week! Actually, it's been close to two weeks now. My body is still hurting. And the risk still remains up to a month after the antibiotics have been finished.

But I intend to work slowly back to the place I was before. That happy place where working out was a reward for the day. Where lacing up my cross trainers makes me smile.
Slowly but surely. It just sucks to be sidelined right when you feel at the top of your game, doesn't it? But at least I am able to get back in there. Thank God for that.

*On an unrelated note....I am gonna try to answer some of your comments within the comment sections. I don't have a ton of comments, so I think this will work. So, if you ask me a question or something in my comments, check back......I will try to answer you.

Hugs and Sunshine to all of you. =)

*oh yes. and I think you can figure out where the pic above came from. it's marked right on it!


mandyface said...

Oh man, I am looking for my workout sweet spot! I need some serious help lol Also, I LOVE that quote. Too true.

Dawn said...

Why is it when we get "on a roll" doing something so sweet/grand/healthy/ throws us a fast-ball. Or a curve ball....
You'll get back there! We always seem to, right?:)