Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello Again

What? It's Saturday?
I've hardly even noticed. It hasn't seemed like a Saturday to me.
I am stuck in this house with a whiny puppy. He won't shut up. I let him out...he whines. I let him in...he whines. I play with him...he whines. I set down...he whines. The husband is at drill with the army. Usually I get to unload the pup on him when he gets home, but it's nearly 7 pm and he is still not here.

All I really wanted for Christmas was a massage or a ring from Rosy Revolver. I am not a stable enough person to be a pack leader for such an energetic puppy. This just reaffirms the fact that I don't want children.

Now. Stare at those pretty flowers and feel better.
Over and out, till the next time folks.
Happy weekend.

*via here.


Dawn said...

Hahaha...oh no! I hope you made it through the rest of your weekend???
(Does this mean your returning your gift?;))

Matt said...

Deep breaths Jo, deep breaths. On the children question. I hear ya!

Hope the week is treating you well/better.


Sarah Klassen said...

Oh my this is sounding ALL too familiar! Our dog, now 11 years old, whines to eat what we are eating, whines to go outside, whines to come in, whines to be let upstairs, whines to be let downstairs, etc. etc. and will even whine for me to remove my spoon from my cup of yogurt to give to her... I kid you not! It does not stop, but thank goodness she is so cute, that I forgive her every time :)

Hope you are having a very nice week so far...


Miz.November said...

Dawn- No. I'm keeping him. I mean, he is pretty cute.
Matt- If only the husband agreed on the kid thing.
Sarah- Yes. I understand the forgiveness thing all too well. ;)