Monday, December 19, 2011

One Week Left.

Due mainly to the fact that the hubby took the puppy to work with him a few days last week, all of these......

are now in these!
I made thirteen pairs of these fabric button earrings. Most of them are made from vintage fabric from my Nanny Ruby's stash. Now they are all wrapped up and ready to be gifted to the ladies of the family and a few friends.

What you are seeing right here is the extent of my Christmas decorating. Well.... this and a big vase full of glittery ornaments. But I'm cool with it. This house is starting to feel pretty crowded as it is. Adding a big ol' Christmas tree wouldn't help matters.

Remember the simplification post? Well, I decided to try to use up some of my wrapping supplies this year. I have a massive collection of ribbons and such. I almost always use plain brown craft paper to wrap my gifts and then get creative with the embellishments. I still need to narrow it down, though.

Well, loves....... there's only one week left before Christmas. Are you ready for it? Here's to a peaceful week, full of joy and love. May we avoid rushing and fussing and enjoy the last bit of 2011. Hugs to you all.


annelise said...

The gifts are beautifully wrapped! Some of the best looking presents I've seen.

Honestly, I think skipping the tree when you've got a puppy in the house is the best idea. Maybe next year.

SARAH said...

hear, hear! adorable wrapping, btw.

Dawn said...

Annelise is right....a puppy and a tree are NOT a good combination ;0)

YOU have a GIFT for wrapping gifts. Those are beautiful packages!!

Sarah Klassen said...

These are so special—whoever receives them is very lucky! :)