Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ring Envy

I bought myself a Christmas present. Do I feel guilty about it? Well....I did a little bit until my husband bought himself a Garmin and a new Xbox. And a puppy. And is thinking about trading his motorcycle. Yeah. I don't feel guilty anymore. We are not made of money, but apparently the hubby doesn't know that. Anyway. On with my story.

I bought myself a ring from Huismus on Etsy. And a few days before Christmas, this beautiful package showed up in my mailbox!

Complete with shiny paper and a tiny black box; Simone had also included three gorgeous tags to use on gifts. I am a sucker for presentation, and the presentation of this gift was perfect. Tiny handmade confetti spotted the inside of the box, which (of course) held this most amazing ring!

I am in love with it! It is everything I was hoping for and more. The craftsmanship is beautiful. Its wide band and large face feel warm against my finger. It's comfortable. And the big chunk of creek jasper's hard to find words. Let's just say it speaks to me.

Look at it! Like a beautiful painting that I hang on my hand. The colors. The patterns. The metal. I am so glad that I splurged on this ring. I have a feeling it will be with me for many many years. (I also have a feeling that it may not be my last purchase from Huismus.) I highly recommend Simone's work if you are in the market for some new jewelry. Check her out.

I have other random news to share with you guys later. I don't want to muddy up the ring envy. One thing at a time. ;)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Before we all go off to the land of endless sugar and tinsel, I just wanted to send a great big hug to every single one of you. You have no idea how often I think of you. No, really! I consider you my friends and acquaintances and I think of you often. Blogging has become very special to me since I started several years ago. Whenever I start to feel like there is no good left in this world, most often it is your blogs and sweet comments that revive my faith humanity. And I need that.

I had to share this tattooed Santa with you because I absolutely love it! I wish I could credit the original artist, but my links just take me so far. This is exactly how I would like to imagine Santa. Maybe a retired sailor. Maybe owns a motorcycle. Has a beer with his elves when he gets home from delivering gifts. I can just see him grab a kid up and grind his knuckles into their mop of hair. What do they call that? A noogie? Regardless. I would say that he is a no nonsense kind of guy, with a soft spot for puppies and cookies. This is my kind of Santa.

Well, until the hustle and bustle subside, I'll be wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis' the Season

So, is your week going so far?

More than the fact that it's almost Christmas (two more days!), I am really trying to take in the fact that it's almost 2012!!! Seriously?

Although I have somehow managed to feel like I have a accomplished a few things this year, I still have more things that I want to work towards. One of those things is to be more true to myself. Since I was in high school I have had a little note hanging on my pin board that says "To Thine Own Self Be True". It is, hands down, one of my very favorite quotes in the whole entire world. But as simple as it sounds, being true to yourself is honestly quite a challenge. Do you agree?

As much as I would like to believe the fairy tale ideal that love brings out the best in us, in reality we all tend to sacrifice parts of our being for the sake of relationships. I'm sure that we all hate to admit it, but take a second to think about it. Relationships, and life in general, have a way of chipping away at our true identities. For example...... there have been many times that I have thought "Oh. I can't wear that. The hub would think I'm out of my head." Or "I would love to cut my hair like this, but my dad would completely dis-own me."

I don't want to define my life by someone else's standards. I want to be the strange, random, creative person that God made me to be. And if I end up stepping on a few toes along the way, or if my husband thinks I'm a complete loon, then so be it.

Tis' the season to let your light shine, darlings. Even if that light happens to be a strobe.

*bad ass pic from here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

One Week Left.

Due mainly to the fact that the hubby took the puppy to work with him a few days last week, all of these......

are now in these!
I made thirteen pairs of these fabric button earrings. Most of them are made from vintage fabric from my Nanny Ruby's stash. Now they are all wrapped up and ready to be gifted to the ladies of the family and a few friends.

What you are seeing right here is the extent of my Christmas decorating. Well.... this and a big vase full of glittery ornaments. But I'm cool with it. This house is starting to feel pretty crowded as it is. Adding a big ol' Christmas tree wouldn't help matters.

Remember the simplification post? Well, I decided to try to use up some of my wrapping supplies this year. I have a massive collection of ribbons and such. I almost always use plain brown craft paper to wrap my gifts and then get creative with the embellishments. I still need to narrow it down, though.

Well, loves....... there's only one week left before Christmas. Are you ready for it? Here's to a peaceful week, full of joy and love. May we avoid rushing and fussing and enjoy the last bit of 2011. Hugs to you all.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lack Thereof

Wanna hear something ridiculous?
I haven't put my Christmas tree up. What's worse? I don't really plan on putting it up. Does this make me a bad person?

I've been dealing with bouts of depression lately. Lots of crying for no apparent reason. No desire to do anything at all. A short fuse and an even shorter attention span.

It's been quite a while since I have had to deal with any serious depression. I had been doing so good for so long. And, honestly, I am managing to hold it together quite well. Thank God this isn't as bad as it has been in the past. But after not seeing this side of myself for so long, it has been quite disturbing to have to face it yet again.

Although I am doing better, bit by bit, I still do not have the slightest interest in getting things all gussied up for the holidays. So, I'm just wondering........ am I the only one? Have any of you ever skipped the whole Christmas tree, sparkly lights, decoration thing? Actually, depression issues aside, am I the only one who dreads having to put the tree up every year? It's such a monumental task and I hate doing it. Usually I find it worth the effort to sit and stare at the lights, but not this year. What about you? Do you enjoy the task? Be totally honest with me. I want to know.

*from here.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soul Sharing ~ Simple

I've never been one for making resolutions; but regardless of what title you give them, sometimes changes need to be made in our lives. Recently I have been noticing a shift in my own actions towards simplifying. I have always been good to keep my possessions thinned out and not hold on to things that I don't use or love. But, as is usually the case, there are always those exceptions to the rule.

I got to thinking about this subject when reading an old magazine clipping I had that talked about having a signature color of wrapping paper. How simple would that make gift giving? Choose a paper and ribbon color combo and stick to it. That would sure beat my bin full of rolls of paper and baskets jammed with tangled ribbons. But gift wrap is only the beginning. I also noticed that I had already started to simplify other things in my life without even being aware that I was doing it.

I love bath and body products and I buy them recklessly. I keep an average of 8-10 different lotions and regularly cycle through all sorts of makeup and face creams. But what's the point? I am now on a mission to find what works best for me and stick to it. I have discovered that Aveeno lotion does wonders on my skin and will make it my lotion of choice from now on. No more masses of scents and tubes of potions past their prime. And I am working on the rest of my beauty stash along the way.

I also have a tad bit of an addiction to magazines. But after years and years of being an avid magazine subscriber, I am finding less and less to be excited about in many of the publications that frequent my mailbox. I have been letting the lesser of the subscriptions lapse in an attempt to only receive magazines that I truly enjoy and that I feel enrich my life in some way. (even if it's just feeding me beautiful fashion.)

Just think. How many times do we let these sort of things clutter up our lives? How many blogs are on your feed that you don't even look at? How many perfumes are on your dresser that you never use? How often do you buy something with good intentions, but never actually get around to?

It may not be a resolution, but I am hoping that simplifying becomes a regular part of my life and who I am. Not only does it reduce clutter, decrease wastefulness, and make things run smoother; it actually clears up a little more space in your mind, too. And that is something I am sure we could all use.

*photos from here, here, and here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hello Again

What? It's Saturday?
I've hardly even noticed. It hasn't seemed like a Saturday to me.
I am stuck in this house with a whiny puppy. He won't shut up. I let him out...he whines. I let him in...he whines. I play with him...he whines. I set down...he whines. The husband is at drill with the army. Usually I get to unload the pup on him when he gets home, but it's nearly 7 pm and he is still not here.

All I really wanted for Christmas was a massage or a ring from Rosy Revolver. I am not a stable enough person to be a pack leader for such an energetic puppy. This just reaffirms the fact that I don't want children.

Now. Stare at those pretty flowers and feel better.
Over and out, till the next time folks.
Happy weekend.

*via here.