Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bringing it Back.

Let me get an early start, here, to try to make up for my absence last week.

First off, let me just say "Thank You!". I know I can always count on my blog friends to come through for me with some warm words and cyber hugs. I love you guys so much. And while we're on the subject of warm words, let me say this. Sometimes you guys give me some very deep and personal advice and words of wisdom. You are so generous and thoughtful that way. I always publish those comments, even if they are of a personal nature. I figure that if they can be encouraging to me, that there is probably someone else out there who could benefit from reading them, too. I hope you don't mind.

Things are doing better with the hubby and I. And I have no more to say about that. I am tired of talking about it. Suffice it to say that marriage is hard and life can suck. Maybe I'll write a post about it sometime. But not right now.

February is here and there are a lot of ideas floating around in my head. Hopefully some of them will come to fruition. So, stay with me folks. I plan on being around more often.

Oh, yes! And those business cards I told you about? They happen to be the same color as that fabulous dress up there. Because in my world, neon never goes out of style.

Hugs and Sunshine

*pic from here.


Jen said...

Welcome back Dear!!

And you're right, marriage and relationships can be a major b*tch sometimes.... but hang in there!!! They're tough becuase they're worth it :-)

annelise said...

I'm glad everything is back on track with the husband. I hope February turns out better with lots of creativity.

I love the idea of neon business cards! You'll have to share a picture of them.