Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm still sitting here wiping snot from my nose (nice thought, huh?), trying to entertain an overactive puppy who will not stop whining because we haven't went for a walk since I have been sick. My brain is on short cycle right now, unable to process long and complex thoughts. So most ideas for blog posts are on hold for the moment. (It has seriously taken me about fifteen minutes to write this much.) But Daniella (from the Daniella Marie Blog) tagged me with a little Blogger Sunshine award. So, I am going to answer a few little questions and call it a day. How does that sound? By the way, if you haven't checked out Daniella's blog before, I suggest you do so. She has been doing a little series about film photography and talking to photographers about why they love working with film. Not to mention, the blog is full of her own beautiful photography and sweet personality.

Now, on to the questions.

Favorite Color: Yellow (at the moment. but always subject to change.)
Favorite Animal: Gus is my favorite personally, but I'm also fond of giraffes.
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Sweet Tea
Facebook or Twitter: Neither (does that make me old school or just lame?)
Getting or Giving Gifts: Giving; but who doesn't like getting gifts, too?
Favorite Flower: Impossible to choose. Climbing roses, peonies, poppies, daffodils........
Favorite Pattern: Plaids and Stripes
Passion: The Pursuit of Being Content (not complacent, but content)
Favorite Number: 7

Now. I would tag some others to answer these little questions. But to be completely honest with you, my head feels like it might split apart at any moment. So, I am going to just log off and close my eyes. Thanks, Daniella, for tagging me. I enjoyed it! Hopefully, I will see you all again soon. Hugs. (sorry. I didn't mean to get snot on your shoulder. oops.) ;)

*pic from here.

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