Monday, March 12, 2012

Thinking About....goals and ambitions.

The past few months, my mind has been focused on what the hell I'm gonna do for an income. As most of you know, I quit my job at an auto body repair shop over a year ago. I had dreams of putting all my time and effort into my Etsy shop and, hopefully, seeing it flourish like all these other shops seem to do. But that hasn't happened. And I'm having to fall back and rethink my goals once again.

You see, the hubs and I are planning on building a house this year. The plan is drawn and the pricing is being figured. I hadn't mentioned it before because I don't like to jump the gun. I didn't want to get excited about it and then it not happen. But now that we are on the verge of getting the loan, I am panicking. I had been making a little bit of money here and there painting houses, but not enough to feel like I was contributing to our income. And, so, now I am faced with the thought of having to get another job.

I probably don't have to tell you just how much that thought drains all of the joy right out of my soul. I have never been happier than I am being able to stay at home. While other people dream of high profile jobs, making tons of money, I dream of being the artist that I was born to be. But Lord knows I have a tiny little problem with making things happen.

So, for the first time in my life, I have set some goals. And a time limit. (gasp!) I have until May to get some painting done, photograph it, weed out all the crap in my store, put together a somewhat cohesive collection, and totally re-vamp my Miz. November store. And then........well, who knows? But that is what I have so far. I have some things to discuss with you in the coming weeks, so I hope you are willing to give me your opinions and words of advice. It's now or never, people. And I hope I have your support in trying to make my dreams come true.

This is only the beginning. Maybe.

*those awesome earrings that I am wearing up there are from Tribal Style. Don't they look bad ass?


annelise said...

Hi, pretty.

I hate it when real life gets in the way. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do after graduation (not for another year and a bit, but it's good to start worrying early, right?) and I don't think it's going to be financially possible to chase my dreams and that depresses the crap out of me. I get where you're coming from.

But on the other hand, yay for building a house! That's awesome news. How exciting to have such a huge project to watch unfold.

As for getting stuff done, I read the following post on The Daily Muse and I thought the kitchen timer thing was a really good idea:

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo. I saw your comment on another blog and followed over here to yours. I just wanted to say good luck on your journey and that I commend you for pursuing your dream, even when it's scary.

I know I am probably not telling you anything revolutionary, but blogs can be a huge help to you in marketing your product. Could you find a few high-profile blogs and offer to do a giveaway to their readers? Particularly, reaching out to bloggers who have pursued their career from the ground up and might enjoy helping someone trying to do the same thing. I have seen some Etsy sellers really boom by publicity on a few blogs. Also, getting images of your cute stuff all over Pinterest would be helpful. Such a huge audience.

You have probably thought of all of this, just wanted to put it out there. Hoping big things for you, even though I don't know you!

Miz.November said...

Hey Annalise: thanks! I read the post. It was pretty cool. The timer thing is a good idea.

Anon: Thanks for stopping by. Great advice. I have actually been thinking about how to do some promo on blogs. I'm not settled on how exactly I want to go about it, but I think it is a smart move. And one could only hope that my work is good enough to get pinned!

Jen said...

Hey Sweetie!

It's been too long. Life. It just seems to get in the way sometimes, you know? But good for you for revamping your store! If it makes you excited and motivated, then it'll be so worth it! And you've been successful in the past on there. No way you won't be again!! I'm actually working on my store too. It just takes SO much time! But it's what we enjoy, right? Let me know how I can help with any of it! I might be coming to you to do some advertising for my stuff some day!!

Happy Monday Love.

Michelle said...

You will be the artist you were born to be. And if that means you have to work at a deli, or watching kids or whatever for a few hours a day so that you can pay for art supplies then by golly, that is what you freaking do! It will happen, if you keep pushing for it, you are talented, and motivated. Maybe work at an art supply store, or something like that? Who cares if you make less?