Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Best $10 Ever Spent

I have always wanted a hammock.  But, gees Louise, those things cost a lot of money!  So when I ran across a cloth hammock at the local Roses store, I automatically wanted to buy it.  {for those who don't know what a Roses store is; let's just say that it's nicer than a dollar store, but not nearly as nice as a Wal-Mart.  Yeah, really.}  Anyway......of course I didn't buy it.  I figured it was too cheap to waste my money on, and where the heck would I hang it? 

A few weeks went by and I kept mentioning the $10 hammock that I didn't buy and my husband kept rolling his eyes at me.  Then we went back to Roses to buy the pupper a kiddie pool.  {yes, I'm serious.  It's hot and we have no AC.}  And I said "Hey!  Let's go see if there are any of those hammocks left!". 
Guess what?  I have a $10 hammock hanging on my back porch. 

Let me tell ya, this thing is awesome.  Nevermind the fact that it hangs only a foot off of the porch when occupied.  It still rocks gently and wraps me up like a cocoon.  It's perfect for taking a nap.  And there's something very calming about it; like being rocked in someones arms.  I can confidently say that it was $10 well spent. 

The kiddie pool, however?  Gus thinks it's just a huge water bowl.  He will get in and wade around a bit while catching the floating bugs, but he hasn't thought to flop down in the water to cool off like he does in the creek.  Oh, well.  I guess every $10 spent can't be as good as a hammock. 


Julia said...

enjoy your simple pleasures! my bf has a camping hammock for one that he hangs between trees and enjoyed very much when we went camping last week.

annelise said...

I love my hammock too! The best for reading in - and a cheeky nap as well.

I hope everything is getting better. I read your last post about all of the awfulness but because I was in a rush, I didn't have the time to write the kind of comment that post warranted. I'm so sorry about your grandmother and everything else. It sounds like an absolute terrible time. Thinking of you and your family. xxx

Michelle said...

I have been dreaming about a hammock lately! That is one amazing price.

GlamorousGirl said...

looks amazing!!!

Kristin W said...

a $10 hammock?! I'm in love! Although I'm a little hesitant of sitting in things that have to hold me up without legs (swings, hammocks, etc.). But this is awesome!