Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seriously? It's Thursday?

I am living in a fog.  And I'm quite sure you are sick and tired of hearing about my personal shit on this blog.  I'm supposed to be all pretty pictures and crazy inspiration, right?  Oh, wait.  I was never that. 

How about a confession?  My husband has been gone all month.  Yep.  Doing some more training stuff.  I've been stuck at home with Gus (and all the other drama that has been happening).  I should have tons of time to blog, right?  Wrong.  What the hell have I been doing?

*Well, losing a whole lot of sleep, for one.  I can't sleep without the Hubs in the house.  And Gus has been so nervous that he barks at every - single - little - noise - he hears.  This is why my brain hasn't functioned properly in so long. 

*Watched more Saved By the Bell on Netflix than I care to admit.  On second thought, I don't care one bit to admit that.  It beats the hell out of most new shows. 

*Paid a lot of money for dig wells.  to install septic systems.  to build houses.

*Some painting.  And some finishing of piles of projects that were started and lying dormant for months on end.  Now if I can only manage to get them to the Etsy shop.

*A lot of eating dinner with mom (because she knows that, otherwise, I would probably not cook for myself). 

*Took a little overnight trip with some girlies last Saturday.  We basically just had a blast and enjoyed being out of the house. 

There's plenty of other stuff, but most of it sucked.  So I'm just gonna leave it at that and shut up. 

Love and Hugs and Sunshine and all that happy stuff.
Let's see if I can get back here tomorrow with a Friday Fantasy.

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Jen said...

Ya know, most times I really don't care about writing about my life either. It's boring, nothing happens, and I don't want to put people to sleep. Ok, ok, so it's not that bad but we all need a break from this on-line stuff every now and then. And for you, this is a perfect time. Enjoy the summer, spend time with friends, and keep away from the laptop a bit... that's how life gets lived!