Friday, June 1, 2012


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Another week of trials and tribulations.  My best friend's husband died in a horrible car crash this week.  The details of the situation are too many and too personal to relay to you.  The funeral is tonight.  Your thoughts are prayers would be much appreciated. 
My other best friend is at a difficult turning point in her life.  This week has been a flood of stress and anxiety for her over the decisions that will have to be made in the near future.  I hope and pray that she gains the clarity she needs to become the person that she is meant to be and find true happiness. 

And to all of you, I hope that this weekend will bring rest and relief from the toils of living. 
As always, Hugs and Sunshine.


Julia said...

oh no that's terrible!! my heart goes out to her and to you to help her through this time.

annelise said...

Oh, no :( I am so sorry for your friend and for you. How awful. I hope all of you are okay. xxx

Kristin W said...

Jo...really sorry to hear about this tough time for your family and friends. After going through a similar experience almost a year ago, I can understand what a difficult time it can be. Thinking about you all and hoping for the strength that you all make it through this difficult time.