Tuesday, May 5, 2009

neener neener neener

I ordered a new digital camera today. (in a very little-girl-mocking tone) Aren't you all so excited for me!!??? Bad thing is that I insisted on having a black one and its on back order so it may be like a month before I actually see it. Look dolls, I already had to settle for a pink cell phone. I am not settling on this camera. I can't wait! I will finally be able to take good enough photos to show you some of the random stuff I talk about. Like buried treasures and my new studio and the views around these parts. Your gonna be so jealous when you finally get to see what I see on my way to work every day! Woo hoo. (not to mention this will help drastically in my shop makeover). So, keep your fingers crossed that it comes off of back order very soon.

* P, you rock.
* Mimi, the dark blue room with white stars...... I actually designed that in my high school interiors class. Weird.
* according to spell check, apparently woo is a word, but hoo is not.


Color Me Green said...

ooh i AM excited to see photos of your surroundings.

Joanie Hoffman said...

Which digital camera did you order?
It's that curiosity thing...
Happy days,