Friday, May 8, 2009

Random thoughts to leave you with this weekend.

photo from flourseed.

* There are mystery plants popping up everywhere around my house. My sister-in-law has planted a virtual nursery around the joint. Now its just a waiting game to see what the heck they all are.

* Thanks to my husband and his trusty weed eater, there is no longer a clematis growing against the back porch. How do you not see a two foot vine reaching for the porch posts? I dunno.

* I moved the fire pit. I made it better. I did a lot of digging. I need more dirt.

* I dreamed about chocolate cupcakes a few nights ago. Is this odd? Hmmm. I'm not even telling you what I dreamt last night.

* One more week and I will be sleeping in and having fun at the beach!!

* Hot Pockets paninis are pretty darn good. I know. Microwave food is killing us all. But I still eat it for breakfast every morning. Its either Lean Cuisine or McDonald's. You do the math.

* My camera is released for shipment (already!). I will be the proud new owner of a black Sony CyberShot very soon. yay woo!

* I hope you all have a great weekend. I hope you eat well and get plenty of rest and spend time with someone you love. All the good things in life.



Color Me Green said...

ooh how sweet of your sister in law! surprise plants must be so fun to have around.

mimilove forever said...


Well I for one have forbidden Mr.Mimi to do anything in the's not so much gardening more a full blown massacre!

Look forward to the new camera shots...happy snapping!! x;)