Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's Hear It for the Boys

Most all of us have a guy or two on our holiday shopping list. And, lets face it, guys can sometimes be pretty hard to shop for. Finding something for the boys on Etsy is not always too easy, either. But there are some awesome choices out there. You just have to dig to find them.

I love this jacket from CHONCORDIA. It has the look of a snowboarding jacket, but its made for casual street wear.

Does the boy like tattoos? Mine does. And he's always wondering if there is a better ointment to use during the healing process. Mirasol Farm makes this herbal tattoo salve to heal your new ink up and to keep it looking good on down the road. This would be a pretty cool stocking stuffer.
Hurt Couture has to be one of my very favorite Etsy finds of all time. I mean, where else can you get a nice leather belt with a self defense weapon built right in? Exactly. This simple looking buckle pulls out to reveal a shiny, sharp dagger. (not recommended for guys who like bar fights)

I had to laugh out loud when I read this shirt. Yes, this is my sense of humor folks. Etsy is the place for witty tee shirts. This one is from Not Your Moms Vinyl. I also highly recommend Signature T Shirts.

Guys need to carry things, too. I prefer they look manly when doing so, and these duffel bags from RAGGED Edge Gear look plenty manly. Check out the store, because they have lots of color and size choices.
I hope you find something on this list that would make the man in your life smile. Of course, you may just find something that makes you smile, too. Happy shopping!

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