Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping List

Okey. So obviously either none of my readers buy gifts for guys, or they just avoided that post all together. Regardless, I am back with some more Etsy finds to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier. Or maybe not. Maybe I'm just giving you some pretty stuff to lust over. Doesn't matter. Here's the Sweet List.

The Teton Cocoa Company is making my belly growl right now. I have never had white hot chocolate before, but it's looking pretty darn tempting. Creamy white chocolate in a cup. Mmmm. Not to worry. They have the regular stuff, too. And it all looks too good to pass up.

If this doesn't set your heart a'flutter, I just don't know what will. This is only one example out of a store full of sweet heart designs. I'm loving them all. From Sarah & Bendrix.

If you haven't seen the Hydrangea collection from Patrick Irla Jewelry, you are seriously missing out. Delicate little blossoms falling from your ears, clustered around your neck, floating on your fingers. So pretty.

I keep running across the most stunning pictures from Little White Dresser. This place is just running over with lovely. I am particularly fond of this soft lilac headband. Give this store a look. It will make you feel all feminine and frilly.


Elizabeth said...

I am adding one of those 50x50 inch Sarah and Bendrix prints to my Christmas wish list! Forget shopping for others :)

Elise said...

I love the hearts in a frame. So sweet!

Hydrangea jewellery is so unusual. I love it.

{g} said...

you must try white hot chocolate -- it's delicious! love the little framed hearts. have a gift list for boys coming up next that also includes a coat + bag -- great minds :)

Sarah Klassen said...

Great finds! That headband is so lovely -- I might have to check that out...