Friday, January 15, 2010

Bright and Beachy Thoughts

First of all, I would like to say thanks for all the great comments on my Mean Girls post. When you don't get quick feedback on a subject like that, you start to wonder if you offended someone. But you ladies came through with such beautiful thoughts on the matter. Of course, just another reason to love this blogging community so much. :)

Now, on to something sunny for your Friday musing. This cheery bright beach house is the 2009 Southern Living Idea House located in Texas. For those of us in the dead of winter right now, this house is fodder for many a mid afternoon daydream.

Notice the backsplash in this kitchen. It's made of antiqued mirror. It has a great reflective quality without being too perfect. Don't you think? Love it!

I have always adored the idea of a bunk room. There are lots of kids in my family and I guarantee that they would LOVE having a big open bunk room to play and sleep in together at the beach. (I also like how this one is open to the room below, so that you can keep an eye and an ear on those little boogers.)

How's this for a happy color? A bright goldenrod yellow in just the right dose. I'm loving everything about this place. I would be a very happy girl to be basking in the warm summer sun in a place like this. Ahhh. Summer. How I miss you.
Happy weekend darlings. I hope it's a good one.


Miiicha said...

love the bunk room!

Sarah (Buzz) said...

I love the white, orange, and blue. Its so fresh and pretty. Very spring time. Love it :)